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My offer includes translation services from English to Polish and vice versa. My knowledge and experience obtained over years of professional work and appropriately selected tools and translation techniques allow me to provide highest quality translations.

My main areas of interest are technical and specialised translations. I have experience in translating documents from civil engineering, power, automotive, hydraulics and HVAC industries. For details, please see my resume.

With graphics software (DTP, vectors, bitmaps), I provide target documents nearly 100% matching source documents in terms of formatting, even with complex layouts (multiple tables, images, diagrams, charts, etc.) and file extensions that are non-standard for the translation industry (e.g. EPS, CDR, BMP).

I never take jobs I know I would not be able to complete due to any reason (insufficient specialised knowledge, tight schedule, etc.).

I work as a full-time translator and I am registered for VAT. I accept payments based on issued VAT invoices.

Sample work fields:

  • Machines and devices
  • Food & beverage     
  • E-commerce          
  • Power industry      
  • Hydraulics/HVAC     
  • Business/commerce   
  • Civil construction    
  • Automotive          
  • Electronics
  • Printing Industry   
  • IT                  

Translation workflow

Stage 1 Analysis
Stage 1 Analysis
Identification of the source file is the first stage in my translation process. I check the file extension, contents and customer’s expectations. Then, I am able to determine the best software and strategies for a given job.
Stage 2 Pre-translation operations
Stage 2 Pre-translation operations
It sometimes happens that a document requires pre-translation processing to be edited. Documents often must be firstly prepared for translation, e.g. using the function of optical character recognition (OCR) on non-editable PDF or correcting tags and formatting in an editable document.
Stage 3 Translation
Stage 3 Translation
Translation is the next stage. Here, the source text is being converted into the target text. During this stage, in addition to own knowledge, I use various tools, printed and on-line dictionaries, guides and corpora. Translation itself is an extraordinarily complex process, which requires comprehensive knowledge. Obviously, this description provides very condensed overview of what happens actually.
Stage 4 Self-proofreading
Stage 4 Self-proofreading
Following the translation, it is time for proofreading. I verify the text using a spell checker. Then, I reread the entire document to find possible errors that were not spotted previously. I often use applications allowing to check for untranslated passages or terminology consistency issues.
Stage 5 External proofreading
Stage 5 External proofreading
This is an optional stage applied only when the customer explicitly wants to. External proofreading services are provided by experts working in given areas and native speakers.
Stage 6 Final adjustments
Stage 6 Final adjustments
Sometimes, the target document needs adjustment to match the source document — for example when no CAT tools are used. In such case, proper formatting and appearance must be ensured.

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